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Can't activate a travel bug??


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Anyone else having this problem? I have a couple new travel bugs to activate. I go to the Groundspeak.com homepage, click on the link for activating new bugs, and just get a nasty OBDC / SQL error message: SQL Server does not exist or access denied. (As a Sun employee, I'm biting my tongue...) Same thing from both IE and Mozilla, from a couple different computers. Been having this problem since Friday. Did the TB database crash?


Tom Chatt (DeadReckoner)

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Thanks for the pointer - you are indeed correct. I had browsed for a similar topic, but I guess I didn't go back far enough. I can activate the bug by entering the number. I had been clicking on that link that said "if you just received a travel bug, read the activation instructions here".


So - the fact remains that there are broken links on the Groundspeak.com mainpage, and apparently in geocaching.com too. Shouldn't these be either fixed or removed?


Tom Chatt (DeadReckoner)

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