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Multi cache coordinates

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i think i had it figured out, but i didn't go for Stage II so not completely sure.


At stage one i found a metal tag that read:

N: 699

W: 132


i went to enter the coordinates manually into my GPSr which is a BlackBerry using Geocache Navigator. The first time i did it i replaced all the numbers after the decimal (ie. Changed 26.653241to N: 26.699). This gave me directions 40 miles away. That seemed wrong.


Should i have just replaced the last 3 numbers with the 699 (26.653699? i thought about it when i got home. Didn't have a chance to try it in the field.


Are all multi cache coords entered i'm DD mode? i have the choice of DD, DDM and DMS.

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The coords used by Geocaching are DD MM.MMM. Suggest you try using those. Of course, there are evil mystery caches or multis that might use DD.DDDDD. But that would be the exception, rahter than the norm. I've got one that uses DD MM SS.SS. Hee hee hee.


Can you tell me what D, M and S mean? How would i know which the cache owner is using when the coordinates are in the first stage? Just try all formats?

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Can you tell me what D, M and S mean?


Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds.


I suggest going to the original cache page on geocaching.com. Under online maps, the third choice, click on google maps. The coordinates will come up in the search box on a map. Replace the three characters after the decimal points with the numbers found at stage one and click search maps.


Let us know if the location seems like a reasonable place for the final. It should be pretty close to the first stage.

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Are most GPSr able to covert formats?


I think so, but I will let someone else answer that.


In my experience, using anything other the geocaching.com format of DD MM.MMM (WGS84) is very rare. I would change the settings on your GPSr so that it displays the same as geocaching.com. I would then quit thinking about other formats.

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Ok, thanks guys. i'll give it a try! Are most GPSr able to covert formats?

all of them i'd say, it's a pretty basic function. it's not so much a matter of explicitly converting the formats, but rather of setting the format for entering coords and showing them to the user. conversion is then done implicitly when the selected format is changed.

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