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HElp with uploading pics ONTO the cache page

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If you are using Firefox as a browser you can download add-ons. "write area" allows you to edit how you want the page to look, you can adjust fonts, colors and insert pictures/ change sizes of pictures etc and converts and saves it into HTML so you dont need to know any of the codes of HTML

In Firefox, click the "tools" tab and then "add-ons" and download the "write area" add-on.

Open up your cache editing page and ensure that the box is ticked that says "the descriptions below are in HTML"

Right click inside the "long desciption" box and click "edit in write area", a new window will open up with plenty of options to edit and change how the page looks. Here you are working and editing and seeing how the page will actually look, so it makes it a whole lot easier. Once you have finished just "save" (top left) and it will automatically convert to HTML and save to the cache editing page. Dont forget that if you take too long, the cache page will kick out an error message, so rather work a little and save a little, look how your page looks and edit again.


If you ever have trouble typing logs etc and losing them due to crashes etc, there is a form recovery add-on called "Lazarus" that saves your work as you type, so all you do is go back to the page, right click, hit "recover form" and your work is inserted again


Hope this helps a few people out.

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When writing the cache description, there is a box to check that says the description is in HTML. Write your description like normal and wherever you want to insert a picture, insert the following code:


<img src=the web address of your picture>


That's it. If you want the image to be centered, do this:

<center><img src=the web address of your picture></center>


and if you need the picture to be a link to another page, do this:

<a href=the address of the page the photo will link to><img src=the web address of your picture></a>


All addresses must be complete and begin with http://


I can type hypertext like there's no tomorrow, so if you need help just let me know.

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Here is the site that I use as my cheat guide for writing a cache in html...



For the coordinate checker, the two that I use are, the first below is my preferred;

http://geocheck.org/index.php or http://www.geochecker.com/




To get a feel of how it is looking, you will have to "edit listing", and checking the 2 boxes at the bottom multiple times until you get it just right. It will take some practice, but once you do a few, it is a breeze from there.

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