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Cherche Français pour Beta test...


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That was much better than my attempt at translating:


See you aim less travel bug, Kay, you eat franks (our parlor's been where we eat hot dogs these days) . Eat, Kay, you loose lesbian tester of no-view concepts! Contact my director by average mail: geolutins@kikankoi.com.

Jay's church is dizzy, the better tasting syrup.

I meant to tie you up with a cord,

Regis Philbin (wearing red today)

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Actually French/American and I find InfoSponge's reply hilarious!!!

My office cohorts wnder what I'm laughing at, I had to read it to them.


BUT, I don't even know what beta is so I'm not one for the testing. Except that it's the letter after alpha.


Cache you later,



Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right, But Three Lefts Do.

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