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Must See/Find Caches around Phoenix?


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I'll be coming from Indiana next week, and will have all of Thursday afternoon to myself and would like to find some great caches. I'd like to find some that are off the beaten path and maybe offer some new landscape for me (I'm used to corn fields and bean fields, so it won't take much to entertain me).


Can anyone recommend some caches that offer some different scenery than a typical urban cache? I'd be willing to go about an hour out of town. I'm staying in Tempe if that helps.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated. This is my first time out to AZ.

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Well, if you are staying in Tempe, you should be able to cache to your hearts content no more than a few miles around you!


Weather depending, there are a few good ones that can be had.


There is Papago Park, and South Mountain Park, and a plethora of urban hides just about everywhere (this is my local stomping ground)


If you go east a bit, you can make a find for GC57 (a little tricker this time of year - it is open desert, and you need to be prepared for that type of hike - about 5 miles round trip)

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