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New Coin: All Seeing Eye

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I was going to post mint art to tease with ... but nah, how about I just show off the pictures of the coins?


(Pictures are from the mint, the vendor will have better pictures later)



All IHE, and each version has 3 translucents.

YES, it will have a custom icon (not done yet)


The ant. copper version is my AE, and will not be sold in the store. the ant. silver and black nickel versions will be available soon.








Copper AE:



The backs:


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What was interesting to me about this coin was the simplicity. Doesn't look simple you say? Well, it took the mint only one shot to nail the art, and we didn't sample the coin. We just shipped it over, and this is what came out. I'm quite pleased we were offered this design, and I'm looking forward to getting it up for sale soon. I get my shipping manifest tomorrow, so we'll see if it made the cut :)



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I am REALLY surprised that they got the crop circle right the first time - I mean, it's not that complicated, but I was surprised anyway.


I kept the rest of the coin very simple - no patterns or textures under the trans, because I really liked the simplicity.

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Can't wait to see them in person.


Me too. They're scheduled to arrive next Friday. But for anyone who knows anything about the Midwest, EVERYONE will be at Midwest Geobash :laughing: Including the whole staff at The Geocoin Store. So, they'll be up as fast as I can get photos taken and listed. I'll bump the thread when they're up.



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