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GPSMAP 62/78 software version 2.40

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GPSMAP 62/78 (WebUpdater) software version 2.40




Changes made from version 2.30 to 2.40:


* Improved display of position formats on keyboard page.

* Fixed problem with position entry when using Latvian TM position format.

* Removed occasional screen glitch when routes are being calculated.

* Added Spanner interface option to 62 models.

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Red90 - Can you explain the booting in normal mode vs mass transfer mode. On my 62s I can have it on and when I plug the USB into it everything seems to close (nothing on screen).


I'm not Red90, but when the gps is in mass storage mode, you see nothing much on the gps screen...


PS - it's actually called mass storage mode, not mass transfer mode.

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Mass storage mode is the normal mode that your GPS will go to when connected to a computer via a USB cable. When it is in this mode it appears like a flash drive and shows up as its own drive letter. From your computer you can transfer files on and off the device (ie. gpx files with geocaches).


In "spanner mode" the unit will work similar to how it does in the field except that it is powered by your computer's USB port and it can communicate with software on your computer which supports Garmin's tracking protocol -- for example google earth. When attached to a moving laptop this allows you to view your position in realtime on the laptop.



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Red90 - Can you explain the booting in normal mode vs mass transfer mode. On my 62s I can have it on and when I plug the USB into it everything seems to close (nothing on screen).


Nobody actually mentioned how or why to go to one mode or the other, I think.


In Spanner mode, when you connect to a computer via usb a menu shows up on your gps which says the following (or something like it - my Oregon's out for repair):


"USB Cable detected - do you wish to connect in mass storage mode?"


If you select yes, your gps becomes an attached drive to your computer, accessed through WIndows Explorer or the Mac Finder.


If you select no, you can use your gps with mapping software to see where you are on the software in the computer.


The Garmin Oregon Wiki explains it well: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Computer+Transfer

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1) Install new firmware.....


2) Change interface settings to "Spanner" mode......


3) It will then prompt you to go into mass storage mode or not when you connect to the computer.


Okay, where do you change the interface settings? Sorry to be so uninformed. Garman 62s

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WARNING WARNING for 78s unit holders.


The spanner interface was not included in the update. Thought I messed up and called Garmin on this, and was told that the spanner was not put in the 78 update. What this means is that when you plug in your 78 in your computer it always goes to mass storage. In the previous version if you went to None in the interface you were asked a question about mass storage or GPS. This is no longer available, you just default to mass storage.


Hope Garmin can fix this soon.

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I sure appreciate this forum. I moved from a 60CSx to the 62s and I can't believe how weak the manual is. It doesn't explain "spanner mode" vs "normal" although I did see the option in the setup menue. The manual is a PDF file so how hard can it be to list these things?


I'm still trying to understand why my 62s moves the geocache to the calendar when I hit found via the view geocache menu but not when I hit found via (I think) the find menue. That must be a bug. It took me a while to make my first found cache, actually a found cache as I like to use the calendar when updating the logs.


I know I'm going to miss the ability to edit caches on the GPS. Simple things like when you accidentally press found when you didn't so you want to change the open box to a closed box icon were easy with the 60 but not possible with the 62. Also, when I tried to upload tracks and waypoints to Mapsource, the Mapsource screen would only show my tracks, no waypoints. That used to be a good way to remember details about a cache after a weekend away from home.

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