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Explorist GC screen brightness

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Does anyone with the new EXplorist GC from Magellan have this issue :

when the backlight feature goes off the screen is very, very dark. yes i can tilt it around to catch the sun to see it , but it is still quite dim to me. and if i am wearing sunglasses forget it or if in the woods also very dim.


I guess i want to know if everyone who has this gps has the same issue or if its just mine and i should contact Magellan.


oh and yes i have the update 1.4 installed





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The Explorist GC does not have an electronic compass (it relies upon the GPS signal) and so it will never be accurate when standing still or moving slower that about 3 mph.


I really like the idea behind the Explorist GC, but to make a dedicated geocaching unit without an electronic compass built in just seems plain silly to me.


I know lots of folks will tell you that they have no problems finding geocaches using GPS units without a built-in compass, but from my experience, it sucks doing so. You just can beat having an accurate compass that works while you're standing still (as it's very hard to walk faster than 3 mph while you're trying to hone in on a geocache in thick ground cover, etc.).

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