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locationless caches/Waymarking


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Locationless caches USED to be loggable on Geocaching.com, and were/are included in the finder's find count and other Geocaching.com profile statistics. At the end of 2005, however, all locationless geocaches were locked to new logs. You cannot log a locationless cache today on Geocaching.com.


Waymarking.com is Groundspeak's home for what used to be called locationless caches. These are now "Waymarking categories." Setting up a category is like hiding a locationless cache. Finding a location that meets the category is like logging a find on a locationless cache. (It is also like hiding a virtual cache, as that waymark can then be "visited" by other waymarkers.)


Waymarks created and waymarks visited will show up on your Waymarking.com profile, but not on your Geocaching.com profile.

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