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Magellan Triton 2000 Perfect Shape, Accessories, more!

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So I am looking into a few Garmin devices that I may want since I want to be able to do wireless data transfer and a few other things. This GPS works with most computers, but didn't work on my older mac, so I want to use some Garmin devices.


This GPS has


Camera (2 Megapixel, 3x Optical Zoom)



MP3 Player


SD card slot

Picture viewer

External antena jack

Audio Jack

Paperless geocaching

Create waypoints, tracks, routes, geocaches.

Compatible with almost all maps

IPEX-7 Standards, very rugged

Very strong built-in flash light

Touchscreen stylus




Built-in maps

3-axis compass


This has been a very good GPS for me, used a work computer rather than a home computer


I have updated this GPS to the latest firmware, so no crashes, full paperless geocaches, and just an amazing GPS overall. Very easy to use.


This comes with


USB Cable

Extra Styluses


There are no extra maps because I don't have any maps.


Anyways, I have preloaded it with all the necessary software to prevent crashing, holds probably over 2,000 geocaches, maybe more, mine currently holds around 1,730.


This is in perfect condition!


I will accept possibly a trade for any of the following models.


Garmin Oregon 450, Oregon 450t, 550, 550T. Also Garmin GPSMap 62s, 62st. Dakota 20 possibly as well.


I am not desperatley trying to sell, but this one is looking in the ballpark of ?


Taking offers


Thanks, and hope to deal soon!

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so what are you wanting for it?


I'd like to hear some offers, but I'm looking in a few ballparks. I'd like in the 190-200 range, but could go down a little bit. Any offers? I'd sell for 190 right now

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