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Travel Bug Information Card/Tag

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I am ready to place my first bug, but first I would like to attach a laminated card with it giving my contact information, bug goals, etc.


What has everyone put on their bugs? Does anyone have any sample verbage they can share?




- Dekaner of Team KKF2A

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I just made up a generic info card yesterday, that I'll be attaching to all my bugs. Sample verbage is below.

How I'm creating the card though is cutting several 3x5 cards to size, and them taping them together to make them more durable. Then taping the front and back of the info sheet to each side of the card. And finally wrapping the whole thing in heavy duty clear packing tape.


My info card verbage...


This is a travel bug,

not your usual item for geocache trading. If youare unfamiliar with travel bugs, or are unwilling to accept the responsibilities that come with taking this item, then please leave it here for the next geocacher.

See other side for more information.

The owner of this Travel Bug paid $ to track its travels around the world. Please be part of its story, not the final chapter.



Do's and Don'ts of Travel Bugs

Do go to http://www.geocaching.com/track/ ASAP and log that you have this bug.

Do try to help it toward its listed goal.

Do place it in another cache ASAP.

Do have fun following where this bug goes in the world after you pass it to the next geocacher.

Don't keep it for more than two weeks unless you've contacted the owner via email and have their approval.

Don't give it to your kids, dog, or mother-in-law, or drop it into your desk drawer to forget about until next year.


--- Two paths diverged in a wood, and my... my GPSr pointed dead center between them. ---

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I just launched my first Travel Bug. You should be able to read the tag in this picture:




The reverse of the tag just has the name and number plus the web URL.


Points to consider:


1) I chose a key because it seems less likely that it will appeal to someone. Also, it could possibly be reunited with its lock at some point, although I expect it is more likely that it will simly be lost.


2) I don't have a laminator so I used a 3M adhesive luggage tag ($6 for 5 at my local grocery store)


3) Note that I fuzzied up the number on the tag in the photo. The number is supposed to be secret so that only people who have actually seen the TB can log it as a find. Anyone can track using the other (alphanumeric) code.


4) I tried to make the tag self explanatory as far as the goal is concerned. I'm assuming that it is not uncommon for people to visit multiple caches before returning home to log their finds.


Any other ideas?

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The paper inside this bug says:



Hi, I’m a travel bug. My name is Quarter Pounder. I want to travel the US giving State Quarters to those in need. If I have a quarter you need, please trade. If you have a quarter you don’t want, please leave it with me. When you’ve finished trading with me, please leave me in a different cache.

I want to see the country, so please try to help me find my way to a state whose quarter is being released this year. For 2002, that’s Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, or Louisiana (I came from Indiana.) For other years, please see my web page. If you’ve found me in 2009 or later, please help me find my way back home to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Please log whatever you do with me at www.geocaching.com. If you can’t help me with my goals, please leave me here for another cacher.

Unfortunately, it hasn't helped the poor bug not become MIA. Fortunately, I just received email from the last cacher to see it in the wild. He actually went back to the cache where it was last seen to get the name, from the physical log, of the person who probably took it. If we're lucky, it'll turn up again someday soon.



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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I ended up basing mine off of Markwell's with a few blurbs from other postings.


And see ... the system does work, Warm Fuzzy got Quarter Pounder back, which ... well ... gives me warm fuzzies.


- Dekaner of Team KKF2A

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Here's my travel bug tag. I print it on heavy paper and laminate it, then attach it to the bug.

Feel free to use it.




Of course, this is an example. If you want the original Word file, just drop me a note.


[This message was edited by fizzymagic on May 26, 2002 at 06:24 PM.]

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Originally posted by Markwell:


Might want to "blur" the tracking number on your image above. An unscrupulous chaos-minded cacher could "grab" your bug and "Drop it" in a cache in China.


Thanks for the tip. I did change it, although anyone bent on chaos could just grab any travel bug they wanted to, so I don't think it is a particularly unique threat.

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Originally posted by Markwell:

Ah, but if I were such an unscrupulous person, I could do it with that 6-digit code and never have to leave the comfort of my office. Only those with the code can log or move a travel bug.


That's something that I always wondered about... What would stop anyone from being able to punch in random 6-digit numbers to log in a travel bug? I figure that there's probably a check digit stuck in there somewhere, but is six digits secure enough to prevent abuse?


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