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TB @ Virtual


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Normally TB can't be at a virtual, as you pointed out.


However, after I did just a minute of research, I figured out part of the answer for you.


The first bug, Flag of Freedom 1 had a goal to reach this specific cache. It made it. Therefore it's logical to "leave" the bug there both physically and on this website.


The other bug, Phineas Bugg, wanted to visit historical sites. A trip to this place certainly fits that and is acceptable under geocaching guidelines. Why the cacher forgot to "retrieve" the bug from the "cache" is a mystery, since he seems to be fairly experienced.



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Well, it no longer appears to be possible to log bugs in and out of virtual caches, with the recent changes in the cache log page - unless I've missed something here. Logging a bug through a virtual was one way of doing a TB hand-off in the old days, or of getting a bug to a specific destination, as noted above. As well, there were "virtual" travel bugs - e.g., Victor and Vinny - that traveled only to non-physical caches. I guess they're stuck now, eh?



"Thos' Degrees of Longitude and Latitude in Name, yet in Earthly reality are they Channels mark'd for the transport of some unseen Influence, one carefully assembl'd chain…"

– Thomas Pynchon, Mason & Dixon

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