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Trekker Breeze

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My granddaughter has been blind since birth, however, for the last three summers her grandmother and I have taken her geocaching and she really loves it. This year she will be bringing a talking GPS of her own called a Trekker Breeze. She is quite proud that she will have her own GPS that will talk to her and help her find caches without my help. My problem is I don't know much about this type of GPS and have been unable to find any info about its use for geocaching. I have a Garmin 60CSx and use GSAK and Mapsource to load way-points to the unit. Do any of you know anything about this GPS and/or if the programs I have can be used to load way-points into it?


Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide, Sierra Rat

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There is another model that may work for what you need, but it appears to be twice the cost.


"The Trekker system is comprised of a Bluetooth GPS receiver, a stand-alone speaker and a handheld computer equipped with an electronic map and a specially designed tactile keyboard. The three components each have their own battery and can be recharged simultaneously. The Trekker package now includes electronic maps for the entire USA."

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Hi catsnfish, thanks for all of the research, I really appreciate it. Looks like I'll have to sneak off with her GPS, find the caches and then get it back to her. Guess it doesn't lend itself too well to geocaching, but she loves to use it to get around otherwise. Thanks again for the help

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