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There's gotta be a way to educate people about bugs...

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Take for instance this guy. He' on my watch list because I found him once, but right now, he's missing major mileage because someone either didn't log him in the cache over in Hawaii, or they didn't have the chance because the next person grabbed it before they had the chance.


Perhaps a default setting when someone logs a bug, perhaps a drop down menu - "Found in cache such and such", or "found in a different cache". IF the person picked "found in a different cache", the person would then have the opportunity to drop the bug in the cache first, then grab it so the bug would get credit for the mileage.


It seems a shame that if this bug comes back to the mainland on his next jaunt, he won't get any credit for the mileage to and from Oahu.


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I have a bug that went to the czech republic and is now being brought back to the U.S. and noone ever logged him in the cache in CR. I emailed the person who has the bug now to see if he will log the bug in and out to get the mileage. Why do people pick up bugs if they don't know what to do with them? A newbie picked up one of my bugs and didn't drop him and now hasn't cached since, that was 3 months ago. I'm waiting for an email reply. He visited the site a week ago but hasn't cached since his 2 times in march.

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