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Submerging Cache

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Thinking of hiding a cache in a spring on BLM land in Cochise County, Az. Has anyone gotten a permit, or whatever is necessary, from BLM for this sort of thing?? Do you know the chances of this going forward? Does this cause degradation to the environment, or some such thing, that BLM wouldn't want. The container is just a water bottle (waterproofness is another issue, but one that I will handle myself.

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Yes, it would likely be a problem for local wildlife. However, it's a bit weird, as it is a concrete lined pond filled with koi (Sounds like it's private, eh? I'll have to study those maps more). It is so manmade(or at least severely modified), it seems as though there is a bit more debate to the issue.

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U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are rather hard-nosed regarding Ford Ord lands (near Monterey, CA) and the permit, review and maintenance requirements are quite insistent. So it would be a darn good idea to check with your local BLM office for policy before trudging out twice, once to hide and once to retrieve a few days later.


Lands under BLM may also include Reservation lands, so doubly important to have full knowledge up front. Some tribes are extremely sensitive about people leaving things on their land and coming & going as they please.

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