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Advice on starting a collection


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Hello again all...


Just wondering if all you fine folks could give me a little advice on starting up my own collection for trading/collecting. I do not have alot of money for extras in life like these beautiful coins but have begun hand crafting my own line of wooden coins that I will hopefully post some photos of later today. The are a little time consuming to make but I am quite happy with my results


How did you all get started. I have visited a few of the caches in my general area and have not come across one in the wild as of yet. If I am understanding these threads correctly, there seems to be some sort of mailing list. How would one get his name on that list?


Please understand that I am not looking for any freebies or handouts. I would love to get in on all the trading that goes on around here but obviously need to get a few under my belt, so to speak, before I can do any trading.


Thanks in advance for all the wonderful insight I am sure you are all just dying to give...T.

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FMT, there are a couple of trading sites where people post their traders... look for the links in the siglines where people post. Also there is the Trading/seeking pinned thread where trade requests and wish lists are posted.


However you have to start with something. Do you know about the coin of the month clubs? There are 2 .... Geocoin&Pin and GeocoinClub. If you sign up for both to get one coin a month from each you'll also get a pin and a pathtag for only a little more than $20 (combined). It's been a while since I looked at the fees but they're very reasonable.


For new traders I have been known to trade for coins I don't wish to buy as it helps me unload traders I've had too long and get some commercials that are fun but I would normally pass up. Everyone has their own style or need. So buy a couple of coins and look at Cointracking or GeocoinCollection and the pinned thread and start contacting people. If you don't hear back don't take it personally.... just go to the next one.

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