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What are you doing in the summer?

Carbon Hunter

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Brilliant example for us armchair/aircon slackers. :)


But that siad - I am impressed with the 10 finds so far on my new cache just outside Abu Dhabi - and there is a bit of a drive to get it - and the temps have been pretty high here too.


I dropped some TBs off on Friday midday at very close to 50 celcius.

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It's soooo hot caching here! Can't wait to be trudging around in muddy fields when I go home to UK in a couple of weeks.


Having a stroll around Ruwais during Ramadan was tough - having to sneak away for water. Maybe it was cruel going to see the 2 water tanks there and not being able to drink;)


My RAF det to Abu Dhabi is May-Sep....kinda gave me no option but to summer cache. I've had great fun.


I only found out about geocaching 1 week before I came away, I did 8 with my family - they loved it!! I've managed to do 72 in the UAE. I did 8 with my wife when she came over for a week.



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