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Travel Bug meats Flash

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Nope, Ive never tried it, but there has been more than discussion using this idea. I dont know what they finally desided on, but there were some fairly long threads about which memories more cachers used, how/what if it was damaged on the way, how to empty(ie:would you upload the pics back to the owner) while traveling, etc etc


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I would do one with compact flash because I have two readers and my camera uses compact flash. I plan to send an extremly small flash card and either have people mail it to me or download it some kind of way.


I am really thinking of sending out a throw-away camera in a prepaid mailing box.


Of course if my TB tags ever get here.


Vini Vidi Velcro I came I saw I stuck around. Capn Skully

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I know its ancient stuff, but why not play it safe and use a floppy disk. But have a locked file on it, such as NotePad since its so small, to use as a template if someone screws up the latest file. BUt have the instructions where people date their file on the disk, and people open the most current file, do a SAVE AS and add their comments, then save their file with a new date on the disk. And maybe have a comment on your Bug page, where people that plan to hold on to it for a few days, send you the latest files on the disk, once you receive the files, you email them back telling them to delete the back logged files, only to leave the latest version that person saved. May be complicated but with a little thought I'm sure it can be simplified. Plus Floppies are cheap, not going to get some jerk decide to keep it to use on their camera or MP3 player.




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Originally posted by Morty's Twisted World:

I know its ancient stuff, but why not play it safe and use a floppy disk.


You know, all of these are interesting ideas, but what happens when someone of the non-thinking variety, and let's face it, they're out there, decides to put it in a cache out in Arizona in the middle of August? icon_cool.gif


No matter what, that TBug will be toast in a matter of hours. icon_eek.gif


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Tromping through the underbrush looking for Ammo cans, Tupperware containers, & little round disks.

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