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See Ed Scott in SE Pennsylvania. The King of Geocaching without a GPS. He has been caching for 5+ years without a GPS. Topo maps, internet pictures and a compass. He places his own caches using the same methods and they are usually pretty damned accurate per a GPS.

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I find some caches that way, and I know others do too. Just don't hide any till you get a GPS.


okay :) Will do!

Doesn't take long to collect enough refundable deposit containers while you seek caches either... and you can get a affordable and workable hand held GPSr... maybe not the best one, but they work...


Doug 7rxc

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And check ebay and craigslist! Recently I saw an etrex vista on craigslist here in Oregon for $25... but yes, until then, you can find caches without a GPS, my husband and I actually found a lot that way when we were new. Thanks for listening about not hiding them without a GPS though.


If you do really want to hide a cache, you might be able to email other local cachers for help. They could bring their handheld out to where you want to hide the cache and get coords for you.


Happy caching :)

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We have a new cacher in the area who just stated in one of the logs for his cache that he doesn't own a GPS. It's very evident in his hides, as the coords for all 3 of them have been quite a bit off. Search for caches as much as your heart desires without a GPS, but please refrain from hiding.

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