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Disappearing Travel Bugs

Wandering Celts
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I have two out. the first one (Flick the ant) seems to be moving, but the second one (Space Snoopy) that I turned out seems to be sitting with the finder. I was hoping to have that one move as it was a project of my sons third grade class, and they have been asking about it a lot. some are logging on every day to see if it has moved. I think we made it too cute. It is a snoopy doll with a space suit on and their mission for it was to go to Florida to see a shuttle launch. As far as I know they aren't launching any shuttles from the Seattle WA area.

Bob G. (1pilot)

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My first bug disappeared only one day after being placed in it's second cache. Who ever took it never logged taking it, and I have even created a cache that you would have to have my bug to find, and not even that has drawn out who ever took it. Here in Salem several travel bugs have gone missing. In fact the first three bugs I went looking for were all M.I.A.


ummmm....not sure what to say here....so ummm, well errrr, uhhhh, well I guess that's it.

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Mine disappeared right after it took a big leap toward it's ultimate goal. The geocacher who found it logged it as a find, left a $1 bill and never moved it. It's been MIA for over a month now and despite many emails to this guy, there's been absolutely no response. The group that is expecting this TB is really disappointed.


On a brighter note, if I see the Snoopy TB in any of the local caches here, I'll send an email to let you know and then move it along.



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