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My first CITO - GC2B02F July 24

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I've been wanting to host a CITO for a while since my local lake/park has a good bit of litter from irresponsible fishermen (i.e., worm containers, lure packages, beer cans, etc.). Two things pushed me to get it published even faster:


1.) I had to have a CITO icon in order to complete the WV Fizzy Challenge. I have completed all the other requirements except for a CITO event. That is also why I published it under my 6 year old's account (so that I wouldn't be logging my own cache...more than one way to skin a cat).


2.) There hasn't been a CITO event published in my state in years. Actually, since I restarted caching in early 2008 there hasn't been any. I don't know if there ever was any before then either.


So I'm pretty excited about this event. What I wanted to post on here to brag about, though, was how excited I am that our state Department of Environmental Protection (via the REAP program) is doing all the dirty work! All I did was send our DEP an email to tell them that I was having a "Geocaching event to clean up litter" along with the date of the event and the response email from them was "we'll have someone there with bags, gloves and arrangements to haul away the garbage". How cool is that?


This will also go a long way toward helping an already good relationship geocachers have with our county/city. It's a win/win!

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It's so nice to hear how happy they are to have you offer. :)

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