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Geocaching in a cartoon

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So I'm sitting with my morning coffee and my kids are watching a cartoon called "The future is wild" and they start talking about geocaching. Turns out one of the characters found some material on their time travel ship to make the boxes for the cache. The material was toxic so they have to go retrieve the caches and while doing it the other characters comment on how fun it is.

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To get into more detail, the character found some scrap metal on the ship to make the boxes, He didn't know that ist was some type of unobtanium that would eventually turn toxic and leach into the environment so they had to go retrieve the boxes, as each member searched for the cache (they had a tight time line so each member searched) they commented on how fun the search was. I think its a great story as it showed how fun geocaching is but also taught the kids that you have to be responsible and do it properly so you won't cause a negative impact on the environment.


I was just pleasantly suprised to see geocaching in a cartoon.

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