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Kate returns with a vengence

The Bell Witch

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Wow!!! Nice pathtag!!!!


Today I received a letter from the Bell witch!!!

Inside was her coin and it was a gift for my birthday that are coming ...very soon!!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!


I thought the coin was a small one but it is not!! It is a normal coin! WOW!!! :D

And it glows so nice!!!! :D


I have the No 71! :D Be sure my friend that your coin will stay with me for ever!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :P


You are an Angel!! A Bell Witch Angel! :P


Congratulations Nikos my friend and your turning 30 something :D very nice of Bell Witch to remember you,

And best of luck in the March Madness Tourney, you do know you and I have a date "St Marys vs Baylor"


Yes! I saw that your guessed numbers had to play together so you were definatelly goind to lose one of your teams... That was not good!

Now we will paly together! So you will lost your other team too! :lol: I am kiding! Most probably I will go out! Miracles can happen but not so often! :D

No mater who will win, I hope it will be a good game! after all.. Baylor is your team my friend, so... <_<


On the other hand... if SMC wins... they will play to enter in the final 4 in a special day (if I am right)! WOW! <_<

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:lol: someone told me that a dragon had his birthday on March 16th.... Am I correct?? If yes... Happy Birthday my friend! <_<


Thank you for your wishes.. even if my birthday are not here yet! :P


I will officially be 35 (oh boy!!!) on.... hmmm.... in some days! :P

Yup...I turned 39...yet again...my mom's b-day was on the 11th...and my wedding anniversary is the 28th (18 years)...March is a busy month for us <_<

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Wow. I've always loved the cache reaper and the bell witch and the carpe diem coins...they just have this eerie spooky awesome feel to them.


Hopefully one day one of them comes down towards Arkansas one day on their way to cause more chaos. We could use a bit of chaos around in this part of the country.

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Wow. I've always loved the cache reaper and the bell witch and the carpe diem coins...they just have this eerie spooky awesome feel to them.


Hopefully one day one of them comes down towards Arkansas one day on their way to cause more chaos. We could use a bit of chaos around in this part of the country.


Yes We could!!! I know the Cape Diem coin caused quite a stir in Central Arkansas. These are 3 of my Favorite coins!!!!

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We just checked and we have now a total of 79 Official Spirit Quest Caches. We have placed them in Michigan and Wisconsin. We love placing these caches. They range from 1 mile from our house to 170 from the house as the crow flies. Cemetery caches our one of our favorite caches to find. Looking at all the dates on the headstones and seeing all the different kinds of stones. Many are from service men and woman. We find alot that are babies that have died. Back in the olden days if there were sickness many have passed at early ages in life.

Hope someday Kate you can visit some of our Spirit Quest Caches. You have a wonderful looking geocoin. Thank You for spreading the mystery.

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Well, we got a call from Buttwieser about 11:15, telling us something was going on with one of our caches. So we got in the car and headed out there.


The closer we got to the location, the foggier it got, which is very unusual in West Texas. Daddy Amigo almost wanted to turn around and go home and come back out in the daylight.


We got to the cemetery just before Midnight. Did we forget to tell you that tonight is HALLOWEEN??!! We've been out here many times since placing this cache, and have NEVER seen it look like this. There truly was a strangely colored fog hanging around the cemetery.


Do we get out of the car, or do we go home?


Well, we're already here, so we grab the flashlights and head out. We check on the first Stage, everything O.K. here. Turn and go check on the second Stage, everything O.K. here. So we turn, and head for the Final Stage.


Are the trees watching us? I really think they are!! We all saw glowing eyes in the trees. They were just staring down on us, with such frightful expressions! It's almost as if they were DARING us to go on. Yes or no? What to do? Amigo Son #2 said "Let's go for it!" So we did. I thought his girlfriend, Dana, was going to pinch his arm in two, she was holding on so tight to him.


Man, it started getting cold, and the fog was thick!! And we still have to walk THROUGH the cemetery!! We just ALMOST turned around at this point and said forget it, it's NOT worth whatever is going on out here. Am I ever glad we didn't!!!


When we got to the cache, it was straight-up Midnight. You could see a glow coming out through the seams of the ammo box! We stood there looking at it for a couple of minutes, trying to figure out what the best thing to do was. Finally, Mommy Amigo opened the Cache to check on things, and let out such a scream that the rest of us instinctively took a few steps back, ready to run - literally!!!!


Then she held out her hand, and WHAT did she have?? A BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY COIN!!!!


The Bell Witch has been night caching here tonight!!! And she left a coin for US!!! A beautiful coin showing her holding her awesome kitty. Both their eyes glow, and so does the Moon above their heads!! So THAT's where the eerie glow was coming from!


Thank you, Bell Witch!!! We will treasure this coin!















(Check out the Cache - Round Mound GCQPEW)


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This morning i got up went hunting and then headed out to get some caches.

I got about 30 caches for the day then I made it home this afternoon just in

time to head back out to the woods for a 2nd round.

when I walked in the door I saw a small package that was addressed to me and it was from me.

I was wondering what could this be when I opened the package there it was


I live about 100 miles from where the Bell witch lived in Adams TN.

so I will get some pics with my new prize and the actual Bell witches Home when I make it back up that way

in a couple of months.

I want to thanK the Bell Witch and the mystery coin giver..






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