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Seeing 60CSx on a computer

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A friend has a 60CSx which she asked me to help with. I have had no problem getting my computer to talk with several different Oregons, eTrexes and a Colorado. Although I was able to load caches on to her 60CSx using the send waypoint feature of my GSAK, I could not for the life of me figure out how to put a file onto her GPS. In every other computer GPS interaction I've seen the computer sees the GPS as a mass storage device. I've even seen a Colorado hooked up to a computer with the NEMA (sp?)/Garmin Spanner mode turned on. (That's the mode where the computer can use the GPS with a program like Microsoft Streets & Roads.) Even in that mode the GPS can still be seen by the computer as a storage device. I've had no luck googling or reading the manual for the thing.


So two questions for you.


That was a Colorado I saw hooked to a computer in that mode. Is what I saw true of the 60CSx too? Otherwise where is that setting so I can see if that is the problem.


What else would keep a computer from seeing a 60CSx as a mass storage device where gpx files can be dragged and dropped? (She said the same thing happens on her computer so it's not just mine.)


Thanks for the help!


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I have a Vista HCx and to my understanding, the mass storage feature and loading gpx files are the same. You can save a gpx file in the GPS after setting it up in m-s mode, but the GPS will not read it. It was just sit there as if the GPS was a thumb drive. To load the gpx file, you will need to install it as a custom POI using the POI Loader.

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