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Divine Intervention and my DD's travel bug-- LONG

Little Miss Muffet

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This past year has been a hard one. My mother passed away on my daughters 6th birthday (July 9th). It was just awful.


Fast Forward-

A few months ago I decided to finally go geo-caching again. I went once or twice about 5 years ago but got too bogged down with little ones. Recently I found 2 and DNF 2. I bought some travel bugs. I gave 2 each to my kids. We bought some little charms to make them look pretty. I only got one finished. My daughter calls it 'Edelweiss'. It's a flower, the flower of Austria, and there's a song about it in the Sound of Music. My daughters class also sang that song this past school year in a program and its also the SIGG bottle that I carry. My Mom was a florist and loved flowers. The goal for the TB is to go to Austria and have a photo taken with some sort of Von Trapp family landmark.


Last weekend I took my daughter out -she got her first find. And we dropped off her Edelweiss travelbug.


Today-her birthday and the 1 year anniv of Mom's passing. I got an email about a cache near my house that I have yet to go to (even though its less than 1 mile away) I read the log. I'm not sure how or why, but I look at the profile of the person who was there last (I rarely do that). And its 2 guys from Austria. I quickly send them an email begging them to please pick up my DD"s TB and take it home with them. I'm jumping between 2 windows copying links and when I jump to go get the cache ID # I see that they have already picked up the TB. His notes say that he will be taking it back home with him to Austria.



I am just amazed.

-a TB named after a flower, newly released, by a new cacher, picked up in NC and will be going half way around the world to Austria by the first person to get it to complete its goal. All on my daughters birthday. I can only think that it must have been the florist up in heaven behind all of this.


time to got wipe the tears from my eyes. :signalviolin:

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You know, the Von Trapps moved from Austria, to the US, and settled in Vermont in the mid 20th century, and the home is now an inn. Maybe when the goal is completed, you could have it travel back the US, and on to Vermont and see that Von Trapp Family home. There might be a cache somewhere nearby it could stop at. :D

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Fab's little dog travel bug got lost in SC. We tried to rescue him, but I think someone must have adopted the stray little dog for their own. I ended up hunting down another toy dog (same breed and toy company), and made a new travel tag for him. I then took his little guy to the Grand Canyon and to a few other caches and released him in Arizona.


And what I never expected, was a gift at Christmas, of the little dog (yet another) and a new travel tag, to release into the great wild open.


Now I know why his name is Fab. He's fabulous!

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