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Geocache Mishap

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Unfortunately it happens all too often.


The Kentucky incident had its own thread but in my area the bomb squad has blown up everything from a ammo can that was camo'd with circuit boards and placed next to a bridge along an interstate to a film can on the side of the road. Amazingly, nothing has happened to a cache in a pvc pipe placed very near to a light rail transit police station.

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This was very close to my hometown in Owensboro, KY. I haven't heard of this

happening before, but I figured in time I would eventually here about it!

Be careful out there with Muggles! :rolleyes:




yeah this happens a lot, it seems.


What really annoys me about this article is the general feeling that "nothing is safe, everything is a threat" attitude. It is a sentiment echo'd by the "Investigators" in the article, and by the comments by Peter Rubb about we don't live in the same world we used to.


Fact is, we DO live in the same world we used to. There have always been threats for as long as I can remember. The difference is now they mainly come from overseas instead of zealous local groups (KKK, wacky extremist environmentalists, whack job people in general). The only real difference is how we react to it. We as a people have become very paranoid and over react to everything. Our leaders are no exception, mainly because paranoia gets viewed as the ability to protect and that leads to votes and budget increases.


We need to all calm down as a society, get our wits about us, and stop living in a nation of fear. Otherwise the terrorists have won, and we might as well give up now. Not everything is a threat. In fact 99.9% of things out in the world (especially in the US) are not threats, and the 0.1% that are threats are normally not out to get you. The things that are actually out to get you are very rare indeed.


Seriously guys, take a deep breath and relax, k?


OK rant over :rolleyes:


(note: nothing above should be taken personal or related to geocachers in general, but to the world at large. Yes I realize I am preaching to the choir, and yes despite knowing that it is still therapeutic for me to type this)

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