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10th Annual Chicagoland Geocachers Picnic and Pig Roast Geocoin Pre-Sale!

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Each awesome coin has been professionally minted and features a Black Nickel finished outer ring that supports our yummy roasted pig spinning freely inside over the brightly colored open flames below. The outer ring sports the Event Name, the flame and the individual tracking number (trackable on www.geocaching.com with a the special GONIL Icon of course). These coins will look great in YOUR collection, as a gift for that special cacher friend, or out traveling from cache-to-cache! Supplies are limited, so why not order multiple coins NOW to be sure that you get yours!!


CLICK HERE to order NOW!!!!


All orders will ship the 1st week of September 2010.

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This is our first coin with animated parts (for those that did not notice, the pig rotates on the spit inside the open ring above the flames). We have received an outstanding response to our pre-sales and it's been less than 24 hours. Based on what we have seen this coin will definitely sell out quickly!


Thank you to all who have ordered, we hope you enjoy the coin!


Geocachers of Northeastern Illinois

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Great news! I just received word that these coins should be ready to ship to us by Aug. 6th, I will start shipping as soon as I receive them!

Pre-sales are going well- supplies are limited, you may want to order now if you haven't already. I will post pictures of the actual coin when it arrives.


Thanks all!

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