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Which Garmin GPS to buy


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Hello all...

I have a friend that has introduced me to geocaching. What a neat and fun way to spend time in the outdoors with your friends and kids. I have created a profile here and that is about it so far. Need your help. I have a $350 GPS budget and curious on the best way to spend my money. All my friends swear by Garmin and will probably disown me if I buy anything else. I am looking at the following units


1. Garmin Oregon 450

2. Garmin GPSMap 60csx

3. eTrex Vista HCx


This GPS will be used 90% of the time for geocaching. I do hike and kayak but have managed to do that for 30 years without needing a GPS.


Please help. Thanks in advance...

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Garmin GPSMap 60csx -The unit that all the others get compared to.

Garmin Oregon 450 - Paperless. The way to go, also has field notes to help with logging on the site.


Personally, I have a 60CSX and an Oregon 300.


Much prefer the 60CSX for the finding.

BUT, having updated it to the latest Beta software, the Oregon does seem to be more accurate than it used to be.


Oregon is much better for getting the cache information, previous logs, and maps, and using field notes to log finds etc on the website after a days caching.


Try to have a play with the units...

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I have both a Oregon 550T and 60csx. For me the 60csx has significantly better performance than the 550T and I got the 60csx after the 550T because the accuracy of the 550T was so poor that in more cases than not my iPhone was better. So the 60csx was recommended because of a better antenna and better chip than the Oregons and to be honest, I've only used my 550T once since I then got my 60csx.

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My vote is for the 60csx. I would also hold out for one of the new 62 series Garmins.

Agree with this one, for two reasons. The 62S is reported to include the paperless features of the Oregon, and most everything else besides a touchscreen. Looks like it could be a very good unit once it hits the shelves. AND, when it does come out, the price of the 60CSx (the current gold standard handheld) should continue to fall. It wouldn't be a bad idea to then get a 60CSx at a bargain-basement price. Either way, IMHO, you win.

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probably disown me if I buy anything else.

Actually, this is kind of funny. But you should do what you think is right, and you probably will.

There is nothing wrong with Garmin, but if you automatically rule others out because of what your friends say... well, you know where I am going with that.


What's right for them may not necessarily be right for you... but a lemming is a lemming is a lemming... :signalviolin:


To ignore other makes, and buy w/o bothering to check just doesn't make much sense (to me).

Good Luck and have fun, regardless. :wacko:

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Im guessing im going to be the minority by saying this but I hate my 60csx. I really wish I would have gotten something different. I think the UI is garbage. Adding coords manually is a pain. The maps are very limited. And I find that my unit isnt very reliable. A couple weeks ago I was in a dense forest in Oregon and the 60csx had me about 90-100 feet from GZ. Where as my iphone got me to within 20 feet. Sounds crazy I know but im not happy with it.

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