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Nine geocoins for nine provinces


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Strange - After posting it, it was all there. Sorry about that.... Let me try again...



At the recent Techno event, we brainstormed the idea of minting nine different geocoins in the shape of our nine provinces. When all put together it would create a complete map of South africa and collectively, the obverse would complete the national flag as well.


One suggestion was that cachers in the individual provinces would tackle their own provincial coin and decide what design should be on the front. Alternatively the front of the coins would have the provincial coat of arms / flower / animal to give it a uniformity and consistency of design.


Another idea was to only release one coin at a time over a period of time as and when funds are available to mint them.

In the spirit of Ubuntu is it possible that we can pool our corporate geocaching creativity and come up with a uniquely South African workable solution?

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I am interested in joining this venture.


I think / speculate we would need 8 to 16 people to be interested in getting the first coin started, and hopefully use the income of the first set of coins to create the second set etc.


Who else is interested in contributing financially?


What would you, as a South African geocacher, like to see on each provinces coin?

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Sounds like an interesting idea. I would not mind making a contribution to get the show on the road. Maybe if someone can give an idea of the costs involved. Also, as there is coordination involved as the coins would fit a theme: if someone could post a proposal to this thread we could have something to work/comment on to get the show on the road.


I was thinking completely off the top of my head what comes to mind when I think of the different provinces (one thought would be to keep in mind the number plate images - but we want to do our own thing don't we)


Western Cape: Protea, disa, Table mountain

Northern Cape: Karroo, Augrabies, those flat topped Karoo koppies (think 3 susters), skape (sheep)

Eastern Cape: Aloe, elephant

Free State: Mielies, sunset

Natal : Drakensberg, rhino (in the north), Shaka

Gauteng: mining

North-west: Magaliesberg, bushveld, kudu?

Mpumalanga: Kruger park, lions,

Limpopo: Bushveld, oom Schalk Lourens, Malema (*), mopani worms, baobab trees, the limpopo river


(*) My apologies if I offended anyone, but I could not resist slipping this one in


Disclaimer: These associations of the different provinces are entirely my own personal first impressions - they do not represent what I think should they should be. I am completely not an expert on these matters, so they should not be taken seriously.

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Was thinking for the KZN one that the Amphitheater was perfect... The Rhino is represented as Emzemvelo's logo but KZN had the two Wildebees as a provincial symbol before... But putting one of the big five is a lot more appropriate i think... but what about a shark? So hard to decide when animals become involved...


Cheetah for FS... and a mielie... LoL.


EC maybe the Bloukraans or Knysna Heads? And a whale or the Elephant.


As for Malema... I would not even want him on a one cent coin....

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Thanks for the ideas thus far. This is exactly what I want to happen - getting people thinking. As for the costs, that is where I need a financial guru on board. Apropos some of the more controversial suggestions, maybe we need some legal eagles on our side as well, lest the youth rise up again! :)


Here is something else we could consider: Do we have the necessary skills and expertise within our caching community to make this a proudly South African initiative. I don't know what would be involved but I am sure there are people out there who could even project manage this initiative (dakardrix - hint, hint) to make sure that its execution is flawless. Is there a toolmaker out there who would make the dies to specification? We could even schedule events where we get cachers to come and do the packaging or other tasks for example. :P


The alternative: Create a quick design and ship it off to China for production. It does not quite have the same ring to it though. A truly South African geocoin series, made in China. I would guess that it would be more cost effective, given their cheap labour. :)


Let us brainstorm through all the possibilities and come up with something we can own with pride. :);):D

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My first thought of symbols on the coins were much the same as Wasats.


By I think we should maybe try and think along the lines of "geocaching" if that is possible?


Then JHB might be micros?

Durban puzzles, or hard to find caches?


Not sure what symbols those would relate to.

Let the creative juices flow....

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Anton : You are thinking the same way as I am....

Here is another idea: It has been said that South Africa is a world in one country. How about South Africa - A Geocaching world in one country? In a true democratic way let us vote which province is best for Regulars and let that logo be the image.... As far as I know there are eight different active caching symbols represented in the country. We could use the GC logo as the ninth.


Alternatively: For the collective obverse image have the South African Flag as the background watermark image. Then have the GC logo in the middle surrounded by the various cache types.

Where are the Photoshop fundies that can translate these ideas into images or come up with some other visual options?

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Another idea would be what tourist attraction makes that province known, remember to cater for the market, produce a coin and icon that is going to sell, the USA is the biggest market for buying coins, perhaps approach the tourist board and maybe get some sponcership from them, in return you could offer them a marketing space on those little white cards that one gets with every coin in the plastic covering. What a great way for the tourist board to get some great exposure, and you guys extra cache making it easier on your pockets

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Some policies on geocoins.

Thanks for the link and the tip.

When the time comes we definitely need to adhere to all the policies.

In the meantime there is much to be done before we get to that stage like: Is this even a viable idea? If so what is the first step we need to take. I have written to Fish Eagle for his sage advice as he has walked this path before and encountered the pitfalls and stumbling blocks, no doubt.. Let us take one step at a time. However small or insignificant it may seem to you, keep the ideas and suggestions flowing... and the postings posted. :)

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We'd also be interested. Like the idea of having a natural theme be it animals, birds or landscapes and support Batsgonemad's sentiments re using it as a proudly SA marketing tool as well. The clay mock-ups of DamhuisClan will be very useful - I think it's going to be tricky if you keep it in to scale. Gauteng is going to disappear while the Northern Cape will fit only in large caches (hoog tyd dat die bordjies bietjie verhang word...!). The flag is easier but also more boring...

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Thanks for the ideas. Let us explore the rectangular idea. A variation on that would be to have them as jig-saw puzzle pieces that would interlock : Unity in diversity making one united whole!


Just to clarify, at this stage I am not trying to solicit funds or funding - that will come at the end when we collectively have agreed on an idea. Then it will be costed to see whether it is a viable idea or not and whether people would subscribe to it.

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I thought the following might be nice (but must be in context of a province)

1) The small 5 (had an internet search, and no longer like it)

2) Have a frog somewhere.


I saw a coin belonging to Wildbirds of one of the USA states. There they had more then 3 icons depicting various items for that state.

Nothing stopping us from doing the same....

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I have just been reading the posts 10 years of caching in South Africa and so here is the challenge : Let this series of coins commemorate that occasion / have that as the theme?

Thanks for that Bruce, didn't read this thread before.

I like Bruce's idea - a jigsaw with the Provinces on the front, South African Flag at the back...with a Gold 10 in the middle? Outline of the jigsaw a waving Flag? I am in, hoping we could have this ready by Jan for the 10 year events (what about a single small coin that copies the whole collection?)


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I think it would be better to have a seperate 10 Year coin.

The focus of the 10 year coin is different as to those of the provinces.


That said, it might be a good idea to shelve the 9 province geocoins, and concentrate the 10 year anniversary coin.


What should be on the coin?

Maybe some stats?


2001 - 0 Finds to 2011 - 500 000 Finds

Or something which shows how geocaching has grown in South Africa.

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Anton and I have spoken to CapeDoc and we have agreed to put this project on hold in order for us to concentrate on getting a geocoin out for the commemoration of the 10 years of caching in South Africa. :laughing: The 10 year Commemorative Coin was CapeDoc's idea and we are therefore going to support him as much as we can in his project which will all culminate in the various 10 year event celebrations in January 2011. OK Doc, over to you. We are right behind you. :laughing:


So to those who have contributed ideas, keep them because I intend coming back to this nine interlocking coin concept in the fullness of time. In the mean time give CapeDoc your full support and let the ideas and creativity flow so that we can have a quality commemorative coin ready for the celebrations. It is intended to market South Africa as a geocaching destination to the rest of the world as the coin will have international exposure. :laughing:

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Hi Guys

Thanks for the offers to help!


So far with discussion with Bruce and Anton we have the following ideas

- outline of the coin is South African map, gold edge.

- SA flag forms backgroud.

- Central "10" in large letters. I would like the "10" raised to give it relief.

- the "0" of 10 actually a circular "O". This contains 2 elements

  • A spinning globe in 3D at the center on a 23 deg axis
  • a spinning disc around the globe, reading "A world in one country" around the disc

Would love more input!

Also need help withe the back of the coin...ideas?

Anyone a photoshop whizz that could help draw/compile an image?


Fish Eagle has been most helpful and suggests that coins that are irregular, unusual, with moving parts, although more expensive (slightly) to manufacture, sell well.

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If you guys send me the pictures, I will use The GIMP and create some type of picture from it.


I also have clay, and paint, so I can make a working model.


Cool! Will try and send some stuff tonight!


Ideas for the back?:

Lots of 10s?

Something luminous? Is is that OTT?

Caching icons?

Lots of little SA flags?....and GPSs?....and 10s?


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Since the coin states "A world in one country", the back (or front) should give more indication as to why this is.


What would "sell" SA as a "World in one country"?

I think Table Mountain,

Kruger Park, to name only two.


(This is also what the 9 coins are about though)

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Vuvuzelas :0

I like the idea of a vuvuzela!


I think the concept of a world in one country is difficult to sum up in one image....diversity of culture, foods, climate, geology, fauna/flora......

that's why I thought maybe to focus more on what the 10 is for....

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The thing about vuvuzelas:

- they are South African

- they are something the world identifies with (in whatever way, positive or negative)

- they are for celebrating

- they would give a multi layered meaning to the globe on the coin.....the world came to this country, the world looks like a soccer ball, ....2010 also fits......

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The thing about vuvuzelas:

- they are South African

- they are something the world identifies with (in whatever way, positive or negative)

- they are for celebrating

- they would give a multi layered meaning to the globe on the coin.....the world came to this country, the world looks like a soccer ball, ....2010 also fits......

They have also been annoying people since 1660! :)


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I don't think the vuvuzela has anything to do with geocaching. ..and neither does the WC 2010? I wouldn't bring that into it. :)


I love the 'individual cois, in the shape of each province, that can be build to form SA' idea. I think that the nature aspect is great - because that still defines SA and it's diversity, and fits with what we love about geocaching - getting out into nature.


If you want to add culture into it like zoeloes, calabashes, vuvuzelas, taxis, san paintings and paul kruger - that's a whole new topic.

Do you want to do two series then? hehe why not? ;-)

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@TeamGinger: Some good points made. In a way I now agree that vuvuzelas, and perhaps the soccer should not be on the coin. But what would you as a foreigner to South Africa, make you want to buy the coin?


From CapeDoc's idea:

What does 10 Years of caching in South Africa mean to you?


To me it is how the game has grown (How would one show this?).


I also like the idea of a rainbow (Rainbow nation),


Maybe something to do with earth, wind, fire water?

Perhaps we could add in some way how these four elements make South Africa a world in one country.

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Hmm that is difficult - because I would personally buy a coin because it is pretty (visually appeals to me) or it has some new/unique features (regardless of the country it comes from).


Therefore I like the idea of the 'moving parts' and the puzzle effect with the provinces.


How about identifying some more 'wonders of SA' nature wise... possibly it could draw foreign buyers (like the 'big 5' concept always does).

I liked some of the ideas that was mentioned earlier...

Table Mountain, Protea, Lion, Baboon Spider, Baobab, Namakwa flowers, Drakensberg amphitheatre, great White shark... etc.

Maybe some ideas can come forth from this?


how about a 'south africa shaped' rotating part in the middle of the 0 of the 10 years?

..or the SA flag (narrowed) could form the 1 of the 10.. and even move.. or have a round bar moving (like one would have in a shifting spanner) with lots of flag squares on it?


I also like the idea of a flag, shaped coin as CapeDoc posted on July 21st.


Can one have these coins minted anywhere as long as you paid for the GC codes to put on it?

Have you further investigated SA/foreign sources to have this done?

If the coin displays on some of the geocoin online shops - that would be an advantage...


ok - I'll now be quiet. hehe

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