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Can an OSM Map "Brick" My Dakota?

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On May 31 I bought a Dakota 20 at REI. I enjoyed it quite a lot mountain biking and even tried some geocaching. It worked fine until I tried to show it off to my sister and it would not power up. I was away from home so I bought some new batteries and tried again. No luck. Later, on the computer it was not recognized at all. OK...a bad unit. On June 28 I returned it to REI and was sent a brand new replacement. It arrived on July 2. It worked fine and I went through a set of batteries playing with it. When I changed batteries today it would not power up. I tried different batteries with no luck. I plugged it into the computer and it is not recognized. I called Garmin and they said that my problem is not with their hardware but with my maps. I am using a routeable OSM map. I installed it on my PC and then opened it in Basecamp. With Basecamp I installed it on my Dakota. After installation it works fine for a while and then the Dakota dies. Is it possible that the map can do something to the Dakota to render it useless?

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Next time install the map on your SD so if it happens again take the SD out.

For now reset your Dakota.


How do I reset the Dakota? I have tried to connect it to the computer with and without batteries. I have tried holding the power button for minutes and then plugging in the USB connector. Is there another way?

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