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Chequered Flag Event - 31 July 2010

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Hi guys!


We just wanted to let all cachers know that the Chequered Flag Event that will be held on Saturday, 31st July 2010 is for ALL interested cachers! It is a normal Event like any other - an opportunity for geocachers to socialise. You do not have to have a Racer to attend this Event.


We are a bit concerned that no cachers want to attend this Event because they think it is aimed at only those who have entered a TB racer. But this is not so!


We have arranged to have some fun things for the kids to do and you can braai or bring along your potjie. We thought that because it was still Winter, that a potjie would be something different. Something that you can get going and then leave it to simmer gently while you chat with fellow geocachers. We will also be making a HUGE pot of delicious gluwein.


So PLEASE do come along and join us for some fun and enjoyment!


There is a cache at the Event site, and if we manage to time things right, there may be a few new caches in the area to find ....


Hope you will be able to come along!

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Thanks GEO936 - we will certainly be there. We will be coming through from Rustenburg and hope to do a few caches on the way. Looking forward to meeting a lot of the Gautengers there too.


Thanks in advance for the tremendous effort that you are putting into the Event.

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