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Travel Time

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Well, thanks to Geocaching, it now takes me twice as long to get somewhere! Mainly talking on the way to camping in the great state of Arizona. Usually travel 3 -4 hours from home. Now it takes me 6 - 8 hours to get there, same thing on the way home. Not complaining! It is what it is! I'm hooked! ;)

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On Thursday I drove to Omaha, which is usually about 9 hours. I left at 8:15am EST and got there at 7:30pm CST. Twelve hours and 15 minutes. On the way back, today, I left at 8:30am CST and just got home at about 8:15 EST, twelve hours 45 minutes. All because I started Geocaching 11 months ago. I feel your pain. ;)

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Yes... it also takes twice as long to get places on trips for us but we don't feel the "road lag" as much either thanks to the frequent stops on the way. I'd much rather stop for caches than arrive beat to death from driving straight though with no stops.


Thanks geocaching for coming into our lives. ;)

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My wife digs on it as much as I do... and as a result of this, more caches are found by my wife than I. Our minds work differently and she's finding them quicker than I. :-) She's told me to bring my GPS when we go out and about to get a few in too. Good times.

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