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This is all very interesting.... BUT...

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I have read a few hundred messages under "BENCHMARK HUNTING". I have not seen a message with the information I seek. Sorry, but I don't have all the time I would like for further research. So I will beg to profit from your time and research... PLEASE.


How do you know what is in your area, and where? Is there a database somewhere, or what? I figure I may be one of the few in this area, and I do get around a bit. I wouldn't mind helping out in conjunction with my other operations. But I just do not have the time to read all the messages to learn where and how to start. Tips for beginners? FAQ?


Sorry to seem lazy... I am not. But being in the power industry in the summer makes you wish time compression were a reality. Restoring a 1976 mail jeep, and 3 shooting matches a month don't help. Did I mention we train and show Great Danes? Sleep.... what is that???


Thanks for the input.


Mike. KD9KC

El Paso, Texas.

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Searching out and finding benchmarks takes quite a bit of time, so you will not get any sleep if you are as busy as you say. But if you find time you must visit them and check on their condition. If you want to photograph them and submit the photo's, you need to read the requirements on submitting photo's. Here is the pdf direct download.




Here is one that I photographed and submitted if you want an idea of what you must do.




Then you can submit a PID to the NGS.




Remember that if you submit a GPS coordinate in the PID, you must convert your readings to the format that the NGS uses. So if you have 074.25.435 you must divide .435 by 1.666 and you will get



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Originally posted by KD9KC:

First I went to:




Got digital photos. Then I went to:




Got more photos. Logged the visit on the appropriate pages. Is there anything else to do?


Thanks in Advance,


Mike. KD9KC

El Paso, Texas.


Nothing else you need to do, although you might want to upload the photos to the website. Logging at the NGS website is completely optional.



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