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What kind of BM is this?

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Where did you find this? What city/County/State/country? I see the word "Seattle" below the big "M". I was thinking it might be a County Surveyor mark, but Seattle, Washington, is in King County, so the "OF CO" probably means something else. Of course, the "OF CO" could be an abbreviation for a business, e. g., "O.F. Co." or something similar, which (maybe) is/was in Seattle. There are so many possibilities here that more info about the area is really necessary to even begin to get close to the reality. And there is always the chance that this is really a cap or plug or something for some underground facility: sewer, electric lines, etc. Looking at the picture, this certainly seems a reasonable possibility, as the material around the stamped area looks to be contiguous in material with the stuff at the stamping area. Of course, because of shadows and the resultant optical illusions that can result, I'm not certain if this is stamped into something, or a bas-relief out of something. Can you clarify this point? Sorry, but the eyes are getting older, and the brain is easier to fool icon_wink.gif Finally, is the red thing shown a witness post, or something else?


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Located in Anchorage. It is in between the lanes of the road leading to the airport about 100 feet west of a railroad crossing. Only way I knew it was there was the carsonite witness post that sticks out like a sore thumb as you drive by.


As I think about it I wonder if this is a cap of some sort with the actual mark underneath?


It says OFCO, then the big M in the middle and SEATTLE under it.


The Seattle part threw me. I am not sure shat kind of a BM this is supposed to be. I will run by on my lunch break and see if it is a cap I was looking at. I doubt it, but it si worth a closer look.



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