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New Decoding Coin

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We produced decoding geocoins. The coin features maritime signal flags, sign language, flag semphore system, braille and morse code with the corresponding letters of the alphabet. We made them in antique gold (front side left) and antique zilver (back side right). We are very proud of them.

NIELS_le_250_voor.jpg NIELS_250_achter.jpg


The coins are for sale at K2 Coins


Greetings, N.I.E.L.S.

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I really like this coin, as we are mad about codes and Mr F knew all the nautical flags and semaphore once (we had some nautical bunting up at the weekend) I know BSL (though not the one handed alphabet yet) and Braille it is a very nice coin. Just bought an antique silver one, could not resist it. :lol:

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We'd like to thank everybody for the kind words and praises fir this coin.


Some more information about the backside. N.I.E.L.S. stands for Noordbrabants Informeel Event Lans Spoor. About each three months whe have an informal event in Noord Brabant in a cafe along a railroad track (spoor in Dutch). For each event the letters N.I.E.L.S. had also an other meaning depending on the theme. Hence "De letters zeggen alles" which is Dutch for "the letters say all".


Since we are not a big group. We couldn't take the risk of making too many coins. As that would mean a big investment for us. The gold version is already sold out. Only the silver version is still available:




Greetings N.I.E.L.S.

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