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Geocoin Project - Mini-Dubloons

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Arrr, mateys, here be Cap'n Jackal callin' ye o' stout heart to a treasure quest most grand!


I be takin' a muster for th' Mauraders, they who be seekin' the fabled Mini-Dubloon! Legends say that they who be a-seekin' o' th' treasure be findin' it stamped wit' th' mark o' their name an' the colors o' their own soul. Do ye dare sail wit' th' Jackal?




Translation: welcome to the Mini-Dubloon Project! Here's an opportunity to get your own customized pirate-y coins made. They'll be fully trackable, with their own unique icon. Size: 1", 3D on the front and multi-level 2D on the back -- each coin is a thin 2mm thickness with the tracking code on the edge. You have a choice of three platings (Gold, Silver, Nickel, and there's a light texture to the background so that the shiny finish doesn't kill the 3D detail) and up to three colors for the back.



Mini-Dubloon - Common Front (Gold)



Mini-Dubloon - Common Front (Silver)



Mini-Dubloon - Common Front (Copper)



Mini-Dubloon - Customizable Back (shown for silver)



Mini-Dubloon - exampled customized back


Minimum quantity is 20 and each lot of 20 needs to be in one plating / name or phrase / color combo (that is, no splitting up a lot of 20 into, say, 10 gold and 10 silver). Price is USD 5.25 per coin (USD 110 total for a lot of 20 coins), with slight increase in cost if you want antiquing or glitter colors.


You can read lots more at the Mini-Dubloons Project Page. The page includes "color me" versions of the art (so you can download the art and bucket-fill your colors of choice), links to PMS, translucent, and glitter color charts, and other useful information.


To sign up, send an email to dubloons@grafikato.com and let me know your geonick and a good email address (that is, one that you check). I will get you signed up to the special group mailing list.


Note that the pricing depends on an order of 500 coins total. More (say, 1000) and there will be a slight discount. Less, and I just won't place the order (no one will be out any money at all). No money needs be paid until we're ready to order, and the design has already been approved by Groundspeak, so all we really need to do is muster and pick colors (glee!).


I'd like to place the order in about two week's time, which may be too short of a time period, but let's say that if you want to participate, please send an email to dubloons@grafikato.com before July 15, 2010. It'll probably be possible to sign up after that depending on where the group is with regards to picking their colors.


Welcome aboard, me hearties!

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ArrrrrrrrrGH! That's what ye be gettin' when ye fix links an' overwrite yer fixes. Thank ye kindly, matey -- th' links be (re)fixed! : )


Edited to add: if anyone be gettin' rejection emails when writin' dubloons@grafikato.com -- I found me a scurvy louse an' sent it back to Davey Jones' Locker (translation: I found a bug and fixed it. Please try again!)

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Everything should be good; I've double-checked the links. If you try reloading/refreshing the main page and you still get errors, please shoot me an email and let me know what page you're on, what link you're trying to click, and what error you're getting. I'll either fix it (if I can) or shoot you the file(s) you need (if I can't). Sorry for the trouble!

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Aye Cap'n. I'll sign me mark to yer project! And a fine project it tis too! I might be able to shanghai some additional coinscripts on board too. The "theme of next years MOGA is Pirates after all and these would fit right in...





Huzzar an' welcome aboard, matey! I welcome yer emailed "X" an' th' company o' any ye manage t' pressgang. Arrrrr!

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Well, arrrrrrrgh again! I fixed one of the prices and in doing so, broke the links. My AI acumen does not extend to iWeb, it seems. Sorry, sorry sorry! It's fixed and, Mac-willing, will stay fixed this time!


Dorsetgal & GeoDog -- I really don't want to give a hard and fast time. The coins will take about 3-4 weeks to make after the blueprints are approved, so it really depends on whether people get their choices made quickly, like their choices, don't have any modifications, and whether we can get through the blueprinting process quickly (typically, when you slam a mint with a bunch of versions like this, they're bound to get one or two wrong, so it's really important to check -- they're good, but they're human).


If you held a gun (a blunderbuss, naturally) to my head and said "give me a date", I'd say somewhere in the neighborhood of September 3-10 for arrival to folks in the US, provided everything goes perfectly and the mail service is relatively cooperative. (I'm giving a month to place the order, a week to fix blueprints, 3 weeks for production, and two weeks for shipment/arrival time, with some slop for picking & packing time.)


I hope this helps!

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Howdy! Thanks for pointing out the error (that's an easy fix, and should be permanent now that I've taken my Code Sledge to iWeb). I'd absolutely be happy to put up a larger version. Someone else requested an .svg version of the graphic; would that be helpful enough to everyone else for me to put up a link to that?


I'm at work now and won't be home until the very late evening, but as soon as I'm hope I'll take care of it and post the results. For the time being, let me stick a link here: color me - copper -- it's still the small version, but like I said, when I get home I'll fix it with something nice & big.


Hopefully this helps!

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Arrrrrr, this be me kind o' workin's. I be needin' t' parlay with Eli but count me interested!


P.S. Jackalgirl, I've sent you an email a couple of times and haven't heard a response. I'm not sure if you're not getting it or if you have no response (which is fine too!) so I thought I'd double check. :mad:

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Howdy! A thousand apologies to you (and anyone else) who's sent emails recently. I'm actually at work, so I can't get at those mails. But as soon as I get back in tonight, rest assured you'll get a response, onto the mailing list, answers to your questions, etc. : )

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wondering if you got my color choice e-mail...they seem to be bouncing back to me...also starting to receive e-mails to you, from other participants.




I would have sent an e-mail to ask, but that would just be redundant :lol: .

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Popping in from work with a couple of quick notes:


1) I've set up a listserv -- it's an automatic forwarder for email, in essence. If you post to the list, everyone on the list gets a copy. It's sort of like Yahoo! Groups except that you don't have to sign up to Yahoo! for it. If it seems like messages are bouncing, it's because you're set up to receive all messages to the list (including your own). Look at the subject line: if it says something like "[Dubloons-List]", that's from the list. Send me an email if you need some help changing your settings (you can set it to /not/ send you copies of your own messages, to receive messages in a single digest, etc).


2) Black nickel -- I'm quite sure it's possible. That would be cool: death pirate coins! I'll ask the mint and find out if there's any extra cost -- look to the list for an email from me about this, probably tomorrow when I get a reply. Good question, thanks!

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Could you please clarify....

on your sample back, there seem to be four colors instead of three. Or is this not what I am seeing. The ring around the compass rose is a different shade of green. Is this not a fourth color?

That is a half recessed area, so the green shows up as a different color, just like some lines are darker because they or more recessed.

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Could you please clarify....

on your sample back, there seem to be four colors instead of three. Or is this not what I am seeing. The ring around the compass rose is a different shade of green. Is this not a fourth color?


Mike (Cache Addict) has it totally right! What's going on there is that there are several levels in the background, all of which are going to be covered by enamel, but will appear to be different "shades" of the background color*. If you're familiar with Scavok's Tengwar geocoin and have seen or own one that has translucent enamel, that's what I'm shooting for (tho, of course, not nearly as intricate and detailed as that).


*Provided that you choose a relatively translucent translucent color. Some of the translucents are actually pretty opaque: trans #8 (the dark blue) tends to swallow up the background detail, especially the deep-recessed detail (though you can sometimes see it if you tilt the coin in the right light) -- trans #10 (black) is almost totally opaque.

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Seeing the pic of my version started a strange & unexpected bonding process, at least for me--I find myself checking in on it every so often. I'm starting to wonder if I'll be able to let any of my "children" go, & they aren't even ordered yet! ;) Learning a little about the enamel colors & the design process has influenced my impression of other coins as well. While trying to decide which version of a certain coin to bid on last night, I started thinking "it needs a deep purple there instead of that gray" and "that sea-green clashes with the blue".:laughing:

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sent in my partic'lrs ;)

Hope you can show what it's going to look like :laughing:


Got 'em and your comp's up on the list!


For anyone who's been holding back because you're afraid you're not going to have a reasonable idea of what you're going to get, have no fear! Color comps are all part of the service provided and I'll get getting blueprints from the mint anyway, so there will be a last-minute double-check no matter what. Sign up today! : )

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