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HELP! Accidently Deleted All my Waypoints/Locations

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I pressed/held the On/Off button on my 76CSx too long and it did a total Reset of the unit.


All my waypoint and "recently found" locations are gone.


I have tried using an unerase program on the memory card but all the program can find are the various map images I have deleted.


On the 76CSx... isn't everything stored on the Memcard ? Or is there some internal memory for the waypoints, etc. ?


Any ideas or suggestions to help me recover them.


I usually back up the unit/memcard before doing anything intensive, but this was completely unintentional and accidental.


Thanks for any help.

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1.No- Everything is NOT stored on the card...only maps and tracks. (If you choose to log to card)

2.Waypoints are stored in internal memory only.

3. Nope, sorry but I'm afraid you are SOL

4. Key word here is "usually"....one opening is all it takes for "Murphy" to jump in and bite you.




Thanks for the quick answer....


Not the one I was hoping for... but it was, unfortunately.... the one I was expecting.


Not much left to say except...... Gosh Darn it !!!!!!

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Speaking of moving on ... in the next chapter you might want to consider backups.


You can do that by installing Garmin's Basecamp or Mapsource and transfering the waypoints from the unit. If you do that periodically you will have a backup of all your waypoints except the most recently entered and you can transfer them back to the unit if you ever toast them again. Or to a new unit if/when you replace your current one.


There is no way to back up the "recently found" list but that's usually only a minor inconvenience because it will rebuild itself as you do more searches.



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We took a family hike some time ago and decided to reset the track log before we started. Being new to the unit, I erased everything! No waypoints for our upcoming hike!


Luckily, I had a PalmPilot (I think) with the off-line info on it so I was able to, one-by-one, manually input the coords for each cache we wanted to hit on the hike. It took 15-30 minutes and the wife and kids weren't too happy with me.


It happens.

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