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July 2010 Photo Competition

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Chuffed to be the winner for the first time! :(


Please get your photos posted on this thread before the 1st of August.


The rules are the same as the previous 6 months (have we really kept it going this long?)


1) The only hard and fast rule is that the photo must be cache related and to do with a specific cache, caching series or caching trip. There should be a hyperlink(s) to the cache(s) in the post. The cache(s) must be from the UK or Ireland.


The following rules are open to interpretation/flexibility/judges whim...

2) Two photos per cacher per month (give or take).

3) A new thread is started each month, with the OP stating these rules.

4) The winner each month is decided by the winner from the previous month - the new winner starting the thread for the subsequent month. They may set a theme if they wish.

5) Photos should be recent if possible. (No debates as to what recent means! This rule is flexible.)

6) The competition runs from the 1st of the month, until a date specified in the OP by the previous months winner. This should give sufficient time for the winner (or other person if necessary) to start the new thread.


If you haven't already uploaded a photo, a good tip might be to upload to one of your log entries (it can just be 'post a note'). Then, display the photo and copy the URL to provide a link to the post. If it's not actually relevant to the cache you've used, delete the note and the photo - the URL will still work.


I'll do my best to give constructive comments on all the entries at the end, as others have done.


Good luck - its just a shame I can't enter this month.

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I Suppose I'd better get on with the judging.


Nick & Ali: Disqaulified of course. But who's the schoolboy in the picture, and did his parents give permission? Shorts & Satchel - could have been me in the 70s, except for the slight hint of beer belly :wub: No doubt the Ninja frogs will be after me now. :wub:


Haggis Hunter: What a brilliant location and landscape sculpture. The exposure is pretty good too - the sky may be a little overexposed, but then you'd not have got the colours so strong in the important bit.


Gamsby's Goose: That's a really difficult skill! You've managed to capture the movement of the wings whilst keeping the rest of the goose nice and sharp. I love the frozen splashes too.

Daffodil: Lovely - great colours and nice use of limited depth of field. I'd have tried to isolate the flower a little more from the background by changing the angle so that the river (lake?), boathouse and sky were out of frame.


Blorenges twig: interesting texture study, nicely exposed. I keep trying this kind of thing & failing miserably. How does it look in black & white?

Silly picture :wub: : Really nicely done. The exposure is brilliant considering the difficulties posed by the scene. Lovely inviting blue sea. And a really interesting feature.


Sid&Bob: I love the humour. I can imagine that capturing the dog at exactly the right spot took some doing. A great shot. The only slight downer is that the colours are a little muted.

On your second attempt :wub: even if it is a specially trained ninja wolf, that's a cracking shot. The reason it was disqualified was that it was supposed to be WILDlife.


The_Street_Searchers: Its easy to forget how bleak and lonely some parts of this country are, even when you're not far from the road. Beautifully exposed and gives a real sense of wide open space. The M62 emphasises how insignificant human achievements are in comparison with nature. How many people whizz along here without a though of the poor souls who built the road!?


MarkandLynn: I'm sure anyone who's walked in the countryside much has been there at some point! There's an ironic humour to the pictures. Anyone doing the Sunday Stroll/Westfarthing Wander series near Kendal needs to be prepared for this kind of thing!


Izzy and the Lizard King: Beautiful! You've not been tempted to go with current trend for blurred water - you've got all the inidivudal drips from the moss, capturing the magical aspects. The bright light has caused a few of the rocks to be overexposed though.


Martlakes: Where's that ice cream then? I can think of someone who'd love to go there! I didn't know you were into leather clothing! :) Got the human side of caching. No tree-top photos then?


EphemeralMoment Alleyway: Beautifully exposed image - I find it so hard to get those right (and haven't yet!). Personally, I'd have tried to fill the frame a little more.

Roseberry Topping: It's MANY years (at least 26) since I went up there whilst staying at Saltburn Youth Hostel with school. But I recognised it straight away. The colours and detail are spot on. And you've used the rule of thirds to get the peak just right. Maybe see how it looks cropped up from the bottom a bit - take out the slightly messy immediate foreground?


Now, to decide which is best B)

Very difficult to choose! Martin's done himself out of any chance by being far too cruel with his cache placements. :)

I think it has to go to Haggis Hunter's first picture


It just makes me want to go there. The same could be said of Izzy and the Lizard King's picture.

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Bloody Hell!! I wasn't expecting to win :rolleyes: Thank you.


Sorry it's taken a few days to respond, but I only got back from the mega event a couple of days ago and I haven't been on the forum due to trying to catch up.


I'll get the new thread started soonest. Be warned though, I know nothing about photography so it will just be a pure amateur that is judging this month. :anibad:

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