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Scuba Caches


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Ammobox is watertight a least till 10 meters. One big brik to sink the box.

Or plastic container inside the ammobox for the logbook and goodies-tb´s-coins.

First look for a good location on the bottom, than make a buoyant unit with rope to mark the place.

Than measure the buoy with your GPS.

Or sink the box along the waterside with a steal or PE-line.

Good luck B)

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Just a few thoughts based on the caches I've found...


An ammo can will sink if you fill it half-full of concrete. If you want seekers to be able to retrieve the cache from dry land, then tether it to something (e.g., a dock, a tree) before you throw it into the water.


An ammo can is watertight as long as the rubber seal in the lid is good, and as long as no one traps anything (e.g., a ziplock bag) in the seal when they close it. If something is trapped in the seal, then it will wick water into the ammo can.


A long container that opens only at one end can be effective if you weight it so the end that opens is always pointing down. The air in the container will keep water out of most of the container even if the seal fails.


Belt-and-suspender approaches work well. Put a water-tight container inside a larger water-tight container.


Another approach is to put a waterproof object with the coordinates on it under water, and to have the actual cache on dry land.

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