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Shop99er & TTUMS Go To GW8

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Yup, finally broke down and made a trackable coin.


Come with its own icon, too.


If you wanna see it, come to GW8, and find me. I'll post a picture here when I get a chance.

It is about time you broke down because these came out GREAT!!!!!


I was lucky enough to be in town when these showed up :?)


I hope everyone else gets to see these soon.


Congrats on the wonderful coin and design.

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Wow, you look pretty good Shop99er... Is this the result of the fumes from remodeling?



Nope...the beer after the day's work ends. :mad:


So ya finally went and did it! Ya made ya a trackable! :P I don't think it was the beer. I think it was the "purple". ;)


Anyway, as usual you and The Boss came up with a cool lookin coin. Great job and have a blast at GW. Wish I could be there with ya!

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