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what's the easiest cache ever?

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It was a FTF for my wife and me. The cache container was a 35 mm film container, non-cammoed attached to a metal fence post along the road. I had put the coords into my car's GPS. As we pulled up to GZ my wife saw it before I brought the car to a stop. She rolled the window down, opened the container and retrieved the log. We signed the log and placed it back into the container without having to get out of the car. :(

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Pull up to the Walmart parking lot, park next to the lamp post, open the door a crack for my 5 year old to get out. Watch her lift the lamp post skirt and bring us the container!


Our first one was exactly like that and we thought it was so awesome and great- of course, we looked other places first - I thought it was so original! Now I think I'll throw up a little in my mouth if I find another one like that! HOWEVER: One time I lifted the lamp post skirt, and the find wasn't there - I was so happy! It was kinda a trick and I loved it! (it was on a fake face plate, magnetically attached to the lamp post)

Yes I agree. When I found my first one I was surprised they even could lift up. Now if I suspect is a LPC I won't even bother looking.

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Mine was also a FTF. Close to home, but we had an audience in the young cache owner and his pals. They couldn't resist "helping" us, and also another cacher we shared the FTF with. We spun it out for as long as we could before finding it. We did ask to be left alone to find it for a little while - 3 minutes is a long time to youngsters! It was a creative cache...but a type we had seen before.

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GC1FEQX - Easy Red was so easy it was hilarious.


I can't seem to find my photo of it. It is in Charlotte, NC. A brightly painted red ammo can hanging in a tree with a big sign above it with an arrow pointing down and it says GEOCACHE in big bright letters. The hider put it there because the next cache over is one of the hardest nano's in the woods that I've ever done. It is a confidence builder.

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