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Question about Magellan Explorist GC

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Just used our brand new Explorist GC yesterday and it took us right to the cache!!


my question is for anyone who has one of these is.... Does nyone know if there is a way to reset the number of found /unfound caches? I think when i was playing around with it i inadvertantly indicated that i had either searched and not found a number and also found a few more than we actually have found.


we are new to this and only found our 6th cache yesterday, would have hunted down some more but a heavy rain/hail storm sent us scurrying to a friends house for tea! but the gps unit says we have found 10, not really a big deal but i would like to change it if i can.


thanks for taking the time to give me a hand :lol:



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I've run into this before myself.. deleted that cache and reloaded it so it would show proper status again however the "awards" holds that information and the only way I've found to fix this was to factory reset the device.


One thing you can try (i assume you have the 1.4 patch), is to clear your awards memory, I tried that pre 1.4 and the first cache i marked brought back my old totals again... maybe it works now with the new patch though.

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This works on Ver 1.4 firmware. Check the screen on boot-up to see what version you have:


Choose main menu "Tools"

Choose "Stats"

Hit the Menu key

Choose "Reset Geocache History" on this options list.

Confirm "Yes"


That will set everything back to zero. The you can go back through your geocach list and hit the "Found" button to build your coutn back up accurately.


If you hit the "Found" button twice on a cache, it will falsely increment your count, and you'd have to start over. (I did this about 4 times until I got everything accurate).

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Yeah! I discovered that when it ( :( incorrectly!) said I had nearly as many :laughing: DNFs as Finds!!! I just use it on the road and usually end up using my iPhone app or log in on the site at home, at least until I get past the learning curve :mad: ! Thanks for the post! :anicute::laughing:

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