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Wanted Magellan NAV5000DLX Power Data and Cord

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Have a Magellan NAV5000DLX. Want to power it from an external source. Want to find a power adapter Magellan part number P/N23-10111-000.


I think thee unit requires 9 VDC at around 220Ma. The specs for the adapter state it will accept anything from 9 - 35 VDC. I believe it has a DC/DC converter to put 9 VDC on the output regardless of the input.


The manual shows the pinout of the female plug required but it does not say the view is the front or back.

Also the pulg is a five pin female with a keyway between pins 1 and 5. It's about 1/4 " in diameter. Looks like the chassis recepticle is about 3/8" in diameter. I cannot find anything on the plug on the net. If anyboddy knows who manufactured the plug or a part number on it please send it to me. I do not want to open the unit to swap out the connector unless I have to.


Need data on the power required by the unit and data on the cord and plug pinout.

If somebodies got a spare cord that would be great.


All replies welcome and appreciated.



Marty, N3MOW

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