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Real Time GPS tracking software.

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As Gitchee-Gummee says, your eTrex would have to be connected to a computer to computer for that. And if you're planning to carry a netbook or something with you, you'd also need a data connection of some kind to track in Google Earth or any online mapping sources.


An iPhone 3G/3GS/4 or iPad 3G would be able to show your location in realtime from its internal GPS, but would not be able to connect to your likely more accurate eTrex. There are also apps for those iDevices that can share your position via Facebook, Twitter, and email by posting auto-updates at intervals you define.


Is that the sort of thing you had in mind? Or are you worried that someone is following you when you DON'T want them to?

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If you're asking does the Garmin Etrex H have a NMEA data output then yes I believe it does. Connect it to a computer and it will send that computer location data.


If you use loaded maps like Microsoft Streets & Trips then it`ll show your location on that, no internet connection required :laughing:

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My question is: Is there a program out there that will recognise my Garmin Etrex H unit, and use it's current co-ordinates to establish the location on a map e.g. Google Maps and also track those locations.





Some GPSr will dump the NEMA 0183 data across the interface to a PC and some don't. As it happens, your eTrex H does do this.There are indeed software packages for a PC/Notebook/Netbook that would take that raw data and display it on a map for you. Edited by ecanderson
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As I understand the original question, which map programs on a PC(notebook, netbook) will show your position with your GPSr attached and providing serial NMEA data. These are some ones that will work:

MS Streets and Trips

Google Earth (need to have a connection or your area of maps loaded in the program's cache.)

National Geographic Topo

Delorme Street Atlas or Topo

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Your easiest solution is to get a smart phone -- an iPhone or Droid -- where you can download one of the many apps that will do this for you pretty easily. I have a Droid, and for kicks I have set up a web page that tracks my whereabouts: www.freedmultimedia.com/whereisalan


I'm sure it's possible to attach your unit to a computer and do something similar, but it's ultimately going to be very cumbersome if you're moving around at all.


As others have mentioned, you can definitely do this with programs like Streets & Trips, too, without the need for an Internet connection. It isn't clear from your original post whether you're talking about uploading this to the Internet, or whether you just want to see it on a tethered computer.

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Hi OZ Snow


I would suggest that you look into either Ozzie Explorer or Fugawi Global Navigator software.


You will still need to get maps to use with either of these.


One inexpensive product that will work with Google Maps is StitchMaps. It works with Google Maps and lets you create a geo-referenced map that you can use with either Ozzie or Fugawi.


I hope this helps.



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