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How to log a Benchmark not on list

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Originally posted by dhaskell:

I just started to find benchmarks(very cool) I found one not on list wondering how to log it.


Not on what list?

If you search for benchmarks using the zip code or coordinates search on geocaching site, not all of them are displayed. However, if you search using the PID it should be there.


If you don't know the PID try searching the NGS datasheets. A radius search from there returns all survey markers, even if they are know to have been destroyed. Once you know the PID you can return to geocaching.com, search by PID and log the find.


I'm not lost!

I just don't know where I am.

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At least 90% of all markers are not in the NGS database. Most are of local origin and are not set to NGS standards. The NGS, formerly known as the USC&GS (United States Coast & Geodetic Survey) served to provide a nationwide framework, which can be visualized as a skeleton, for survey control. This work was substantially completed in the years following World War II. Since that time, it has been left up to states, counties and cities to densify the control network, putting flesh on the bones, as needed. Thus, anyone out looking for markers will need to contact numerous government agencies to determine the exact origin of all of those that they will find.

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