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Icon Cointest


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Drawing an icon is not my strong side, so I'll make it a cointest


I need both the 16x16 and 32x32 icon in gif format sent to post (at) stigroar (dot) net


The winner will recieve a Heddal stavkirke geocoin (free pick of edition)


Antique Copper



Antique Silver



Satin Gold (Members only)


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Many great ideas here - it will be hard to make a choice.


I will keep the cointest run through the weekend and announce a winner on monday.


I sent my proposals for the icon in an email too, but I saw that after some hours they were still undelivered! Did you get the email today my friend? ;)


I have not recieved the email, but we figure it out if you win... :D

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Post #2 (32pixel) & Post #10 (icon #3, 16x16)




I might be stupid, but did not understand...

All four icons in post #10 are 32x32

That's a 5 second fix, I'll get them posted tonight. Sorry about that!


Edit: 32 and 16 (just for the steeple icon, the other icon doesn't really work well):





Just for fun, here is the full size of the other icon, it works much better 500 x 500!


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