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~~~ The Fabulous Forum Photo Challenge! ~~~


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A few more appointments as well! opalsns will be Yimerica's attorney general for her staunch defense of the voting protocols :lol: and Wedge the Cacher will become the official Beige House pet!


Anyone else wanting a cabinet position, please post your preferences and qualifications!


Thank You for the appointment. :lol:


yimerica's slogan VOTE RIGHT! LOL :anibad:

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:anibad: so my chances for a campaign manager are not so good now... right? :lol: But you won, didn't you? :lol:


WOW!!! Mekk!!! I would love to see that photo!! It is quite old!! 1898....


when the photo was taken, Crete was an independent state! Crete was under Ottomans, but there were so many revolutions.... the biggest one was in 1896 and Crete because Independent! they wanted to join Greece but the big powers of the time (England, France, Russia, Austria....) didn't want that! Greece was in war and finally lost it in 1897 and things with Turks were not so good.... So... it was decided that Crete will be independent state! They had their own flag too and their own coins and banknotes!!!!(I am missing the banknotes but I have the silver coins and 2 nickel ones!)


The flag is very close to the old Greek flag (the one we use now is the navy flag! The land flag was blue with a big white cross in the middle like the one you see in Cretan state….without the red square and the star!)

Th flag of Crete has the flag of Greece to show the connection with Greece, and it is a Greek area and the red with the star shows the connection with the Ottoman Empire...because it was an ottoman empire land before the revolution and there were turks living there too!


I think the Cretan State was born in 1898 and its first Ruler was a Prince from the Greek royal family (who actually were… from Denmark!)

His name was George like the King of Greece at that time, but they were not the same person! that is a mistake many do...

He was not so good and soon...he was gone! :D


There were many fights between Greeks and Turks, many innocent people were slaughtered from both sides… things were not so good!

In 1908 Eleftherios Venizelos Declared the union with mother Greece! Of course Officially this happent in 1913!


So your grand father may had left because of the fights too!


What a great History Lesson! I will save this!


Here's the photo I mentioned. My grandfather is in the middle with my great grandparents on either side. He was born in December of 1897 so this was sometime probably late 1898 or early 1899. I believe he came to the US around 1914.




WOW!!!! your great grand father was a LEVENTIS KRITIKOS! :D This means.... well leventis is the brave noble... I do not know how to say it... it is a very good thing... we say this if the size, the way a guy walks or stands... the look of him... shows a strong brave man...

and the Kritikos is the Cretan! :D


Your Great grand mother is well dressed with jewells... this means a wealthy family! :) Even your grandfather who is a baby is wearing good clothes, shoes...

Times were hard so....


All are standing with pride! Beautiful photo!!! :D


It is a lovely photo my friend!!! I just love the knife of your great grand father and the zone wit hte bullets! :D All cretans were like that because they were fighters! In WWII... German troops understood that quite well! even now... most of them (if not all...) have weapons! It is like a hobby... but we are not talking about a rifle or a gun... we are talking about weapons!!!! :lol: If you see a cretan marriage... then you will see what I mean!!! they are shooting in the air to show their happiness! In a wedding there is always a party and lots of food , dancing (cretan dances are amazing)... but sometimes you can not eat because the bullet shells are falling in you plate and they are lots of them! ;)


I heard once that Cretans have weapons even if it is not allowed in greece because of what happent in WWII!


Years before WWII, the goverment (Eleftherios Venizelos?) asked them when they joined Greece to surrender their weapons.... something like that! Most of them did it, but when WWII started and Germans tried to take Crete, cretans didn't have many weapons! so they were taking tools, shovels, what ever they could find to defend and fight the Germans! Just becasue they had success, as a punishment villages were destroyed for ever, like Kandanos village, and many villagers were executed... (sometimes there were all the male villagers from 15 or 16 years old and older.... for a village!) War is something bad! It turns you into an animal... so...


I hope my good friends from Germany will not be offended! As I said... war is bad and changes you... no matter the side you are fighting! since I love history and read a lot....


So... because of that... and because they do not want this to happen again, they have their weapons!


the funny is that maybe Cretans have more weapons than the Greek Army... in rifles, guns etc! :)

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Heh, not a problem Gatoulis, because...




(wait for it)




it's all Greek to me! Har, har, har...


Actually, we just got back from spending the whole day at Legoland Discovery, and the Navy Pier in Chicago! So I missed all the dessert and dancing.


Photo Challenge III will take place in a few weeks, and will be back to the standard "First To Photo" rules. We'll seeya then for more ridiculosity!

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