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I am starting to put my geocoins in Cache's that I find. I would like to leave a note with the coin that basically says "Do Not Take this coin unless you plan on putting it into another Cache". Is their something standard that is already printed up I can put with my coins; or just make something up?

-Thanks, Cacheinfusion

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Some of the stores also sell "geocoin buddies" or other types of metal tags that are meant to be attached to geocoins and that state, in big red type, "DO NOT TAKE" or other somesuch wording. If you check the pinned thread at the top of the Forum and look through the vendors (or, heck, just google for it), I'm sure you can find it.


It does take drilling a hole in coins that don't have holes (and, preferably, something more secure than dog tag chain -- something like wire cable that's been crimped together). However, defacing coins (like drilling holes into them) is a tactic often used to make the coins less collectable (at least, by those intending to resell them on eBay).

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