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Need help with benchmark coordinates

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OK, so Im showing my ignorance with this post. I changed my etrex datum to NAD 83 to match the datum listed on a couple benchmarks I went after. But, I don't understand the units because they're not the same as with long/lat coordinates. My units are set for HDDD mm mmm - but the NAD 83 units on the benchmark pages look somthing like: W118 7.07 - that's not enough numbers. I know it must be a conversion thing, but I don't know how to enter these numbers or what units to use. I know it's a simple thing and would appreciate being enlightened - a learning opportunity for me! Thanx


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It's the dropped leading zeros thing that got David April into problems with the USA Today article back in July of last year. W118 7.07 is actually W118 07.070.


Jeremy, you added the leading zeros last year to eliminate this confusion on cache pages, and no one has ever said anything about being confused since. Could you PLEASE add the leading zeros to the benchmarks as well?



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