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Father's Day Cache

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We live in a rural area. For Father's Day my daughters went out and hid my presents around our farm and neighboring area. After a big lunch of smoked ribs I was given a Father's Day card. After reading the card I noticed that they had written down a series of grid coordinates, 9 sets actually. They said that if I wanted my Father's Day gifts, I'd have to find them. Long story short, we all piled into the Jeep and enjoyed a ride around the neighborhood and out across the farm. 1st time I had actually manually input coords. into the Garmin 60CSx. Was a great way to end up the week-end.

Hiram392 ;)

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My father's from South Dakota and loves the place. So when I happened to be at an event this weekend, and someone happened to be selling beautiful geocoins with Mt. Rushmore embossed on the back, I bought one for him.


Gave it to him during dinner at a nice German restaurant (his choice). I'm afraid I've hopelessly corrupted the man, he said right off, "Oh, my own geocoin!" He loved it, too!

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I have 4 children (with spouses) & 11 granchildren. I hid an unpublished cache in a water feature at a local market place, e-mailed my children Fathers Day morning the coords to the cache, which they needed to find in order to know where we were going for our Fathers Day brunch. My wife and I observed from a nearby StarBucks, great fun!

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